09 January 2010

2009 Running in Review

In 2009 I...
-ran 17 more runs than I did in 2008.
-logged 3:54:04 more hours of running than I did in 2008.
-ran 120.72 more miles than I did in 2008.
-ran at a pace (minutes/mile) that was 3'48" minutes faster than I did in 2008.
-burned 14507 more calories while running than I did in 2008.

All in all I'm quite happy with my running in 2009. Clearly I'm most active from March to May, which makes sense because at that time I'm heavily training for the Indianapolis 500 Mini Marathon.

I feel in debt to the awesome Nike+ kit as it has helped keep me on track, motivated and in my sneakers. So I thank you, Nike+ kit! I also want to thank my parents, Mom especially, as they have been a great source of inspiration and the buddy system (and some rivalry, hehe) in the last year. I'm so happy that we've started a tradition of running the Indy Mini together! Lastly, thank you to Wendy and the Orlando Women Runners; this group was so motivational and friendly. It was very nice to run with them, espeically after having relocated and not knowing anyone in the area at first, let alone other runners. So thank you, fellow runners, and happy running in 2010!


(Wednesday, 6 January 2010)

:: BEGIN EDIT - Saturday, 9 January 2010::

I just logged into my Nike+ account and there was a link to see my 2009 Stats. I thought I already posted (above) about those, but I clicked anyway. Turns out there are more stats to share. = )

Pretty cool!


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