15 January 2010

14 February Cheat Sheet

Have you noticed that we're less than a month away from Valentine's Day 2010? Whether you're into this celebration or not, if you're interested in getting a little something for your significant other, check out this cheat sheet I put together for you: five items for women, five for men.

Wait a minute - aren't I single? Why am I putting a Valentine's Day cheat sheet together for those who can actually enjoy the special date? Well, folks. I just love browsing Etsy.com THAT much. Plus I like making lists. And blogging. = )

Just click on the image to be linked to the item's Etsy shop where you can make a swift purchase for your loved one. (All images are from the product's respective Etsy shop.)

F I V E     I D E A S     F O R     W O M E N

It's chilly this time of year. Give her something to keep her hands and arms warm when you're away. These fingerless arm warmers are feminine, super warm and will match everything she wears. (From Zarina2009's Etsy shop.)

What a clever way to say that you'll always be there to protect her from the rain? If she likes simple, silver jewelry, she'll love this umbrella charmed necklace. (From michellechangjewelry's Etsy shop.)

She has friends all over the place and is always talking about how she wishes they could be closer. Nudge her towards the old fashioned way of communication with this darling French vintage note card set. You might get brownie points for getting her some stamps, too. (From foundaroundb4's Etsy shop.)

She loves her coffee. Help her express herself and accessorize her favorite coffee mug with this gorgeous cozy. (From waysideviolet's Etsy shop.)

Here's a romantic heart-shaped locket for you to present to your beautiful lady. It is vintage, old brass, and has a lovely key charm. Place a photo of each of you in the locket, or maybe a love note folded up teeny tiny-like. She'll treasure this necklace. (From BeadCoutureBySteph's Etsy shop.)

F I V E     I D E A S     F O R     M E N

How long will he carry around that old, tattered wallet of his? If he's not super attached and just hasn't replaced the silly thing, consider this stylish and practical wallet. Houndstooth is making a comeback for men, too. (From sewlutionsbyamo's Etsy shop.)

I've been seeing a growing trend for anatomically correct hearts. Here's a tee that will let him express his love in a very technical, yet subtle, manner. (From darkcycleclothing's Etsy shop.)

Check out this sexy, masculine neck warmer! (From minggusandmoob's Etsy shop.)

What computer savvy guy wouldn't love these CTRL ALT DEL pillows? (From diffractionfiber's Etsy shop.)

You know he's always talking about how he has too much change rattling around in his pockets. Give him somewhere to put all those coins with this vintage post office box coin bank. (From Boxnmor's Etsy shop.)

And that's all I've got folks! Happy [early] Valentine's Day!


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