09 January 2010


So I made it through Book III of the Twilight Saga. I must say that this book has been my favorite of the three. My order of favorite is this: 3, 1, 2. I really liked how Meyer started painting the love triangle between Bella, Jacob & Edward. The tension, the emotion, the guilt factors and the dirty fighting on the boys' parts - Meyer knows how to write drama.

That's something I've noticed about Meyer after having read these three Twilight books and The Host: Meyer is phenomenal at writing triangle love stories. I enjoy them, anyway. She thinks of every aspect, every feeling, everything.

The werewolves history is revealed, and I liked how that was done. And the detail of the pack's ominous consciousness - well done and interesting.

While I'm ready to end my journey of reading the Twilight Saga, I'm kind of excited to read the final book.


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