21 February 2009

Sex & the City

One day, during the wonderful summer of 2007, a dear friend named Kristin said to me, "Amanda, every woman should watch that show." "That show" being referred to could be none other than Sex & the City (SATC). I nodded my head and brushed off her comment. I have never been the chick-flick movie type, why on earth would I watch "that show?"

I've been so transformed since having the pleasure of meeting Miss Kristin. You see, through our friendship I've learned quite a bit about being a woman. Being the only female in your major for college career can suppress your feminine side drastically. Ask any of my boys. So, Kristin helped me nurture my female self.

When I was studying in Australia, the SATC movie came out. Myself and all of my flatmates went out to see it (even the blokes!). As we were exiting the cinema I was completely taken by surprise as I realized how much I had fell in love with the movie, the ideas, the humor, the concept, the characters - everything about SATC! By the way, Inga pointed out that I was most like Charlotte, which I took as a compliment.

For Christmas of 2008 I asked my grandparents for my very own copy of the SATC movie. I was so excited to watch it with my best friend (who doubles as my mother)! There was something really special about watching that particular film with my mom. We laughed and had a great girls night in, despite being forced to watch the movie in my dad's office because his was the only dual-layer DVD reader in the house, haha!

A few nights after moving to the big, fabulous city of Orlando, where I reside as a single woman, I decided I must watch the SATC TV show. I was empowered as I purchased the first season. I am three episodes in and - no surprise - I absolutely love it. I even joined a Facebook group for SATC.

I think the aspect I love most about SATC is that everyone - young, old, single, married, complicated, happy, sad, ugly, beautiful, rich, poor, male, female, newb or veteran and everything in between - EVERYONE can relate to the show. It's brilliant.

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