15 February 2009

Butterfly Tat Ideas

Currently I'm undecided about what I'd have done if I got a tattoo. I'm set on the top of the foot for the location, though. I'm leaning more towards a sparrow tattoo (post coming soon), but I have always loved butterflies, so here are some images of butterflies that I have been considering as a tattoo:

I like the big blue one towards the right out. I like that it's not a straight-on view of a butterfly, but angled quite a bit.

This is obviously a sticker tattoo of sorts, but I like this one because it's of a Monarch butterfly. They are one of the largest of butterflies. I also like these butterflies because I once sketched a picture of one that greatly resembled a Monarch.

This is an image of a real butterfly, not a tattoo or sticker. I really like the sections in the butterfly's wings here. It's intricate. I'm not sure how detailed I could be for the size of the tattoo I would get, but I'd like to have some detail. I really like the shape of the wings of this one, too.

Lastly, this image depicts what I want very well, excepting the location of the tattoo. I like the size, and I like the amount of detail and the shape of the wings. I would alter the fact that it is a straight-on view of the butterfly; I want it to the side a little, as if the insect was in flight and not pinned down for observation.



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