15 February 2009

17JAN Weekend

I know I'm super far behind in what I've been up to over the last month (maybe more?) but here's a start, haha. The weekend before I left Indiana to move to Orlando I had a lot of fun visiting with Gracie and Barat and Darin with my Mom, and skiing with Mom, Chucky and Michelle. I'm really glad we were able to ski, and I'm happy that Gracie is out of the hospital (last I heard). = ) Here are some photos:

She is such a sweetheart. Such a good sport for being in the hospital with all the tubes and what not.

She loves her Aunt Tammy! My mom has a gift with the little ones. Gracie had her eyes glued on Mom when she was reading a story book. So cute!

Me and my best friend who doubles as my momma! We had a rough start to the day, haha, but we ended up having a blast! It cracks me up how bundled she was!


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