20 February 2009

My Apartment

Here is the promised post of my apartment. Do enjoy! (They're a little outdated by now - sorry!)

When you walk in, to the immediate right is a closet and the utility room behind that, but in this shot you see the kitchen, which is to the non-immediate right. Follow?

My grandma gave me these lovely canisters. I was so proud of myself for filling them up: sugar, flower, powdered sugar (the most of what I'll surely use the least, haha) and the chai tea (my favorite) that my aunt made me for Christmas:

Jumping to the master bedroom (view from a bit inside the entryway), here is the assortment of things that now reside in my "night stand," which happens to be the beautiful green chest you'll see in another picture coming up:

The vanity/sink area of the huge master bathroom:

The empty but well organized linen closet:

Another view of the master bathroom (I love the flowers!):

I almost couldn't believe that all of my clothes fit in the walk-in closet! Thank goodness for all of that wonderful shelving:

The view of my bedroom from the bathroom doorway:

My lovely curtains (the photo doesn't do them justice):

The VERY spacious living room (the books are all now arranged in a fantastic bookcase - one in the living room and one in my bedroom where the green chest used to be; notice the awesome lamps - thanks Aunt Dawn!):

My lovely dining table - thanks Grandpa! (if this table put out a personals ad it would read "currently seeking four chairs"):

And last, but certainly not least, the computer nook; it is across from the utility room and kitchen (between those areas and my bedroom, that is - screw it: I'm going to upload a photo of the layout, haha!):

Here's the layout of the Biscayne apartment. This should help a bit:

And that's my apartment so far! Will post when I acquire some furniture or anything in addition to the ironing board that occupies the guest bedroom (it's too empty to bother posting an image of).



ingle bingle said...

Hi. My name is Ingle Scmingle. You have an extra bedroom. And an extra bathroom. And an absolutely LOVELEEE apartment. And I will come to visit. And depending on how long it takes before you get tired of my cold Norwegian sorry butt, I'll stay for a little while. Don't know when. But be prepared...

(...being prepared means stacking up on lucky charms, oreos, junior mints, diddlysquats and fun moods. and all the other american things i can't think of right now but that i most definitely love. oh yeah, those girl scouts cookies, the ones i loved :) and snapple - with banana! oooh, and henry weinhart root beer! i brought two bottles of that home with me from arizona in august, and suddenly found them furthest in in my parents' fridge. yay! can you say 'happy ingle schmingle'? ...this list to be continued)

But most importantly, your apartment looks amazing, sooo happy for you! And for someone living at home with her parents now, I'm jealous ;) hee hee!

ingle bingle said...

Oh yeah, have to add something. I spy with my little eye:
- your Marilyn Monroe coaster
- a picture of you, Tamara and me yay! Two of them dobbel-yay!
- a P on your fridge, for Pingle? Or Purdue? :p
- a Frangipani container in your bathroom :)
- a cute grey cat :)
Talk to you soon :) *love and hugs and misses*

ambennett86 said...

awe, inga i love you! totally enjoyed your comments! i will definitely stock up for your visit! you just let me know when and i'll do the rest! oh, and i have heaps of doodlisquats just for YOU! they're selling girl scout cookies right now!!! it's the season! i'll pick some up and put some in the "inga stock!" xoxo!