08 February 2010

Busy Week

Wow, this year has just been super busy, but that's not a bad thing! For me, it's a good thing; I thrive on keeping busy. Although an occasional free night is really desirable. I found an open night tonight, actually. I caught up on some things I'd been putting off, gave Heidi a much-needed bath, and just relaxed, in general. Tomorrow through Sunday will be kind of crazy, though! Outside of work and caring for Heidi, here's what I've got going on this week:

Tuesday: run in the morning, dentist appointment in the afternoon; Euchre night with Joel, Tiffany & Matt in the evening.

Wednesday: roller skating with the book club!!! I'm super excited for this!

Thursday: phone date with Kristin (pending my being able to catch up in my devotions so we can actually have a discussion about them), and yoga.

Friday: dinner and Avatar in IMAX 3D with Matt! Can hardly wait! He's going to be speechless after watching that movie!

Saturday: Paws in the Park walk with Heidi!!! By the way, I've raised more than twice the amount of my original fundraising goal! Thanks to all who've sponsored me and Heidi! Downtown with book clubbers that night?

Sunday: church in the morning, Puppy Party in the afternoon! Joel is hosting a gathering in honor of Heidi's arrival! Plus he has a fenced-in back yard - magical! Skyping family for Valentine's Day love and aiming to get to bed early.

Gotta go walk Heidi!


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