28 February 2010

Puppy Valentine's Day Party

Shame on me, for this is two weeks overdue! Anyway, my friend Joel and I hosted a Puppy Valentine's Day party at his place on Valentine's Day. We invited our fellow dog-owning friends and had a little cookout and welcome party for Heidi. It was a lot of fun to let Heidi romp around with other dogs off their leashes in a magical fenced-in back yard! Also, Jessica made a pup cake! Yummy chicken with sweet potato icing and peanut butter treats on top! Here are some photos from the afternoon (not in order):

feeding Heidi her piece of puppy cake; she wolfed the thing down and wanted more!

Jessica displaying her puppy cake

one of Joel G's friends holding Heidi

Joel L doesn't have a dog, but he did have a hot dog!

a group puppy shot

Jessica holding Heidi

the three larger dogs playing around

Joel G with Heidi

My baby girl and I

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