30 March 2009

Ten Life-Defining Moments

When called to obey
When seeking to be known
When faced with failure
When pursuing your purpose
When taking a stand
When engaged in suffering
When asked to forgive
When experiencing temptation
When needing to repent
When deciding on God

The above is a list from a little book I happen to have. I thought this little blurb was really interesting not only because I am in complete agreement that all of those things are life-defining but that they have all happened to me in the last 5 months. Another interesting thing about the list is that (I believe) they are in a very specific order. Still another observation I made about the list was that, as with anything, really, the items listed here can be greatly aided by engaging in prayer.

The list, applied to my life:

When called to obey - letting go of a person I did not want to let go of
When seeking to be known - witnessing to that person
When faced with failure - realizing I should have put God first a long time ago
When pursuing your purpose - reviving my relationship with God
When taking a stand - not backing down on my journey; not giving in
When engaged in suffering - nights of crying myself to sleep for missing a piece of my former life
When asked to forgive - needing to forgive myself, requesting the forgiveness of the person I hurt
When experiencing temptation - focusing on who I'm becoming instead of reverting to my old self
When needing to repent - asking God for his mercy, grace and guiding hand
When deciding on God - fully trusting in Him

I wonder how this list applies to the lives of others...


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