01 March 2009

Interesting Stories

Lately I've come by some interesting stories online. Here's my latest dose of online entertainment for your amusement.

New Medical Disorder Linked to Gaming, known as "PlayStation palmar hidradenitis."

Crocodiles With Frickin' Magnets Attached to Their Heads. I, too, would like to know who has the job of affixing the magnets to the crocodiles.

Designer Babies. This really irks me. Reminds me of A Brave New World. Why can't people just accept life as it is handed to them? People want to customize their children! Where is the fun in that? You know the mystery of what color their eyes will be, what color their hair will be... For goodness sakes. Really? What about 6 years after the kid is born. Everyone else will have the perfect blond-haired, blue-eyed, tanned child at the play ground. If your parents couldn't afford to design you (or if they preferred to take you as you are, genetically), you'll be made fun of for having freckles and brown hair. As if children didn't face enough growing up. Designer babies. Good grief.

Gamer claims identifying as a lesbian lead to Xbox ban. Why does Microsoft care about their customer's sexuality? I don't get it.

Double-amputee New Zealander has mermaid dreams fulfilled. My dream every time I was playing in the "lagoon" (aka shallow end) of the pool when I was growing up in Cincinnati, haha!

Data copy and Internet connection sharing dongle. Interesting gadget.

Cross-domain ID. Makes perfect sense.


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