09 March 2009

A Birthday, Brothers and Blessings

I just got off the phone with the lovely Miss Kristin! Today is her 23rd birthday! I called to wish her a fabulous day and catch up a bit. We have some flights to book and needed to discuss some logistics. It was so nice to hear her kind voice. She had the day off and Aric was baking her a cake; I'm so happy she's having a pleasant birthday!

So yes, I have a flight to Iowa coming up at the end of May. Earlier that month I'll be in Indiana for the Indy 500 Mini Marathon, so it'll be a lot of traveling that month. Fine by me!

I ordered home delivery from the library last week. I ordered SATC Season 2, discs 1 and 2 but only disc 2 arrived today, along with the SATC Movie Soundtrack. I hope disc 1 shows up soon! I'm excited to see what happens to Carrie and her friends next!

Today was a long day at work but not at the same time. I snacked a bit through the afternoon. That wasn't good. But I did have some yogurt instead of buttery popcorn, so that's a plus. Right now I'm fixing jambalaya for dinner (and left-overs, naturally). It smells wonderful!

My weekend was good and bad. Friday was a great day, work included. Kevin and I had fun at Happy Hour at the Orlando Ale House. We had a nice time, and I was one ball away from winning at pool! Saturday I had a great run with the Orlando Women Runners. We ran at Lake Baldwin. I ran two laps around for a total of 5 miles in 47 minutes (I walked a tiny bit and that time includes a short cool down, but my main average was around 8:30 minutes/mile, which is fantastic for me). Here is a photo of me and Marsha, a masters student at UCF:

After the run I saw that Raven had a flat tire. Great. So I fixed that up, got home and washed Raven (she's so purdy now!), napped, read and had a very pleasant evening at King Tut's hookah lounge. I met a guy named Omar who managed to get me on the floor to dance for a bit! It was certainly an entertaining night.

Sunday morning was frustrating. I drove 40 minutes to my destination church only to find that the church had relocated. The sign only had a website - not even their new address! I was really bummed to miss out on another sermon and the opportunity to mingle with other Christians. So I turned around, drove the 40 minutes back while focusing on relaxing to some Michael Buble and Frank Sinatra. I turned the morning upset into an productive afternoon: I planned my groceries for the week, cleaned up my computer nook, sorted papers that needed sorting, and did a few things online. I felt much better afterwards. Then I had a great nap and read a little. The evening was topped with some journaling (with pen and paper) in a comfy chair across from a cute guy at Starbucks.

I just finished a phenomenal conversation with my brother, Chucky. Heart-lifting and faith-building, we learned a lot about and provided support to one another. Thank you so much, Chucky. I love you so much!

Time for some reading and then to bed. I'm running at 6AM tomorrow. Gotta get that sleep.


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