06 April 2009


Multi-task (v): to perform more than one task at the same time.



Common Multitasking Situations:
driving and chatting on the phone
computer operation + [insert just about anything here]

My thoughts:
I used to be proud of my ability to multitask. Folks would tell me how talented I was because I could keep up with several IM chats at the same time. Simple, trivial online chats + multi-tasking isn't such a big deal. Lately, however, I've noticed that anywhere you look you find people multi-tasking. It got me thinking that I don't want to multi-task much anymore. A fact of the nature of the concept is that the more you are doing at one time, the less attention to detail and/or the lower the quality work.

Multi-tasking makes me uneasy, especially at work. I find it annoying when I'm on a call and the speaker asks someone else a question, then the person questioned pipes up only because they heard their name. That person wasn't multi-tasking like they claimed. That person was working on something else and only screening the call for their name to be called. I hope I don't ever fall into that sort of habit. I think it's rude, not to mention the annoyance and waste of time of having to repeat the question because it wasn't paid attention to the first time around.

I think society has become so fast-tracked that we're forgetting all about quality. These days multi-tasking translates to "I'm more concerned with the quantity of work performed than the quality of work performed."


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