23 August 2011

Nike+ Goal Progress Report 5/5

This is the fifth and final progress report of five for my Nike+ goal to run 30 miles in the two week span of Tuesday, 9 August 2011 through Monday, 22 August 2011.

You may have noticed that I missed progress reports 3 and 4... Didn't help that I was in Iowa for the last 5 days. Anyway, the goal has concluded, and here are the results:

Miles Planned to Date: 30
Miles Actually Ran to Date: 22.3
Miles Short: 7.7

I realize my numbers don't match up to the image above. I calculated the 22.3 based off of individual run mileages; not sure where the missing 0.6 miles went.

Here's a snapshot of what mileage I ran on which days:

Well, I did a LOT better with this goal than I did with the last one. I improved on the progress reporting, too. I'll set up another goal to run between today and Saturday, 10 September 2011 at the Autumn Rock 'N Roll 5K:

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