18 April 2011

Storage Closet Packed

Tonight I continued packing. The focus was to clear out my storage closet. It was fairly easy since most things I kept in there were already boxed or packaged in some fashion. I had to pack up some odds and ends, of course. All that remains in the closet are big boxes that I'll use later (i.e., TV box, BluRay player box) and storage tubs I've yet to put to use. I had actually forgotten I had so many! I may have all the packing supplies I need. Maybe; this seems like one of those things that is underestimated. I have access to more boxes at work if need be, though.

Here is what my packing corner looked like as of yesterday:

Here is what it looks as of today:

Now that Heidi has matured quite a bit and doesn't chew much, I thought I'd let her have her big bed back:

And Ashes won't lift a paw to help with the packing. He's just all sulky because I'm cramping his style. Such a cranky-looking kitty. You'd hardly believe that he snuggled with me this evening when I took a nap.

Tomorrow's packing involves the cleaning agents and other assorted items found under the kitchen sink and in the utility room. Also, infrequently used items from my bathroom closet and whatnot. Maybe I'll pack up some winter-weather clothes, too.

In slightly related news, I've decided to challenge myself again like I did back in October. But this time, instead of running every day in the month, I'm going to either run or do yoga (alternating every other day) between yesterday and 17 May, the day I get my moving truck. That's 30 days. This little challnege should help keep the moving stress levels low. And with that, I'm going to do some yoga!



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