20 April 2011

Packed: Winter & Non-Favorite Clothes

More packing was completed yesterday, as you can see in the photo below. Things that got packed up include winter clothes and clothes I don't wear very often (read: the non-favorites). Yes, that's a hula hoop. I may start on packing up books or those rascally under-the-kitchen-sink items that I keep putting off. Or I might take the night off from packing altogether. I like that idea.

Elise is moving out this Sunday, early in the morning. I'm really sad to see her depart so much earlier than originally planned, but it makes the most sense for her golf tour and such. The upside is that I'll have an empty bedroom in which to store all my packed belongings. That'll be nice so they're out of the way for a couple more evenings when I entertain guests in my home. Plus, it'll keep the rest of my apartment from being cluttered up like it is now.

Challenge Update:

Day 1 - ran 23 minutes
Day 2 - got caught up in homework and didn't do yoga
Day 3 - ran 20 minutes
Day 4 -35 minutes of yoga

Success Rate: 75% (3/4)

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