13 April 2011

Resolution Check - Apr 2/2

Goodness! Can you believe it's nearly halfway through April already?! Anyway, here's my resolution check for mid-April.

Spend less time surfing Facebook - not used much outside of RSVPing to events I'm invited to and posting photos of Miss Heidi and Mr. Ashes, and a few other odds and ends photos. Doing pretty good here.

Pay of a significant chunk of my student loans - used my tax return wisely! The extra money for rent from Elise is still amazing. Most of my student loans have gone into deferment since I'm a student again, so that's a financial weight off my back for the time being; it's allowing me to focus on hacking away at some of my consumer debt. Oh, and I paid off a loan earlier this month! I was going to pay off another one but I'm putting that money towards my move next month.

Run 525 miles by Saturday, 31 December 2011: not sure how it went up since last time I wrote a Resolution Check blog, but I'm calculating that I have 408 miles to go to have run 525 miles by the end of this year. I have only ran twice this month... been adding in some yoga but dropped off on the running. Tomorrow is the Corporate 5K; I'm planning to use the event as a kick-start to my running. I'm going to need to make sure I keep working out regularly (maybe alternate running and yoga every-other-day) to keep stress levels low through the end of the academic semester and moving process.
Earn B or better in all my PSU master's courses (2 this semester, 2 over the summer, and another 1-2 in the fall): doing great in my database knowledge and management course. Am playing catch-up in my Java class, but I'm still hanging in there.
Read the Bible (or at least several books of it; will be difficult with all the master's work): no status change. Ugh, I just haven't been making this a priority with school and the move coming up. Maybe I'll start on this after I get to Denver or after the academic semester completes?

Catch up and keep up with my scrapbook for Heidi (I'm behind by about 12 months, heh): no change in status. I have time blocked off this weekend to sit down and enjoy some scrapbooking for my baby girl, though. Unless something major pops up, I should get to this.

Hope you're reaching your goals this year, too!

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