13 February 2011

Paws in the Park 2011

Yesterday I walked around Lake Eola for the Paws in the Park 2011, a Central Florida SPCA fundraiser for which I raised $155. Thank you to all who donated funds to help the local pets and shelters! Heidi and I had a blast at the walk, and Heidi had WAY too many Milk Bones as we passed by all of the vendor booths. Favorite item collected: a clip/1 cup scoop thing for Heidi's dog food bag to keep the food fresh; now I can use my 1 cup scoop for baking purposes again!

Heidi and I taking a photo mid-way through the walk around the lake. Isn't she cute in her cheerleader outfit?! Everyone LOVED it! Go Purdue!

Here is Heidi sitting pretty after the walk:

And my new favorite photo with my girl:

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