01 February 2011

February is Dental Health Month

Yep, it's true! One of the things February spotlights is our teeth! I am happy to have a healthy habit of brushing 3+ times a day. I am also one of those weird (read: cool) people who use a tongue scraper. I can hardly stand having all those gunky papillae and taste buds hanging out on my muscular hydrostat! I really can't go without one anymore.

If you don't see a dentist semi-annually, click here to find one near you. Your dentist is an important figure in your overall health. Regular dental cleanings and examinations will keep you happy. No one wants to get rid of a rotten tooth "Cast Away"-style (start watching at 1 minute).
"It's important to take care of your mouth and teeth starting in childhood. If you don't, you could have problems with your teeth and gums - like cavities or even tooth loss.

Here's how to keep your mouth and teeth healthy:

Brush your teeth every day with a fluoride toothpaste  (check!)
Floss your teeth every day  (working on this one... I'm doing it at least once or twice a week lately)
Snack smart – limit sugary snacks (mmm, this is why I brush my teeth 3 and 4 times a day)
Don't smoke or chew tobacco (check!)
See your dentist regularly" (check!)

(from NIH: National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research)
Not only is it Dental Health Month for humans, but pets, too! For more information on keeping your cat or dog's mouth happy, click here! I'm making this month a challenge to myself to brush Heidi's teeth 3+ times a week!

Here's to happy smiles!

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