30 August 2009

Mom's Summer Visit

As you can see, I'm very behind in my blogging as of late. I'm catching up, so forgive the lack of stories, detail, etc. Hopefully that's okay because you're getting a straight feed of photos and captions - I think that's what folks like to see most. = )

Mom making us a delicious breakfast

At Cocoa Beach, PRE-thunderstorm, haha; here Mom is just before she transformed into the Sand Monster

Mom helped me give Raven a bath

Mom & I at The Lodge, downtown, for the 80s Bar Crawl; we had a rickshaw ride and met Yum Yum, haha!

Mom enjoying the porch for a little patio picnic we had one afternoon

Lounging around; she helped me furnish my apartment, yet again, with some throw pillows

Mom & I at Paradise Beach; it was a PERFECT beach day; we had so much fun in the waves!

Mom, Aunt Joan and I with a gorgeous, fire-y orange sunset after a lovely home-cooked meal in Melbourne

During Mom's visit Sam was in Fargo, ND for a wrestling tournament. Dad snapped this amazing photo of Sam perfectly executing a suplex!



Anonymous said...

Great Blogging! Actually the "Sand Monster" was after the thunderstorm. We were practically alone on the beach at that point. So I didn't mind making a fool of myself. LOL

Anonymous said...

I had a really great time visiting! I reminisce about that week often.......Miss you!