24 April 2009

Raven Takes a Beating

Yeah. That's my brand new, 2009 Honda Fit Sport (aka Raven). Purchased 2 January 2009. Someone rear-ended me on Sunday, 6 April 2009. Don't worry, no one was injured. My x-ray's showed nothing abnormal; the soreness I experienced was only muscular and didn't last more than a couple days.

I have a rental for the time being. Raven is in the repair shop, and I hope to have it back next week, although I was told to expect it back this week. We'll see about that.

The best part of all this - yes, there is actually a best part to the tragedy - is that I made a wonderful friend. Krista was a complete stranger who happened to witness the wreck. It was no coincidence that she happened to have that rare Sunday evening free. She was my angel that night: she pulled over, called the police, provided a witness statement of the wreck, loaded up my groceries from my car to hers, helped me drop them off at my apartment (my car was being towed away), took me to the emergency room, then took me to pick up my pain medication prescription. A complete stranger. I find it so comforting to know there are Good Samaritans still around.

Since the wreck Krista and I have kept in touch. We met up at the Corporate 5K race downtown last week, we're planning a night to have dinner together, and we're planning to attend church together.

Bless Kirsta! I had no one else to turn to, being down here all alone, but God sent me an angel!


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