13 March 2013

Wicked & Jenny's Birthday

Last weekend I had the pleasure of seeing Wicked with some friends from the book club! Everyone really enjoyed the hit musical. In case you're wondering, the tickets were worth the $88 we paid - a must see performance, especially if you are a Wizard of Oz (film and/or novel), Wicked (novel), or The Great and Powerful Oz (film) fan. I didn't have a favorite part of the show, but the lady who played Elphaba was phenomenal - spot on. She had a set of pipes and could really belt out her songs. I also really enjoyed the references to the film.

Book Club after seeing Wicked
Afterwards some of us went downtown to celebrate Jenny's birthday. I brought cheese cake and red velvet cake, and we hopped around to a few bars. Jenny was feeling it the next morning, haha, but that only means she had a blast!

Birthday Girl, Jenny, & I

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