05 June 2013

The Quilt

Now that I have completed my Master's degree, I have all of this glorious free time. So. I have decided to make myself a great, big, king-size, quilted bedspread. It's going to be 120" x 120", which translates to fifteen 8" blocks by fifteen 8" blocks. It's a pinwheel pattern called Modern Pinwheels from Quilty magazine.

Since this is such an undertaking, I thought it would be worth logging the activity. Plus I'm sure folks will ask how long it took me, and this way I'll be able to actually answer.

Here is the log so far:

Date Number of Hours Running Total of Hours Description
25 May 1.0 1.0 pick pattern
28 May 1.0 2.0 convert twin-size pattern to king-size
1 June 3.5 5.5 choose fabric, figure yardage, purchase fabric
1-2 June 2.5 8.0 wash and dry fabric
2-3 June 6.5 14.5 trim and iron fabric
4 June 0.75 15.25 cut 15 blocks' worth of one pattern fabric

I'm also keeping track of how much money I've invested in this project:

$31.23 - King-size cotton batting
$133.58 - patterned and cream fabric for the pinwheel blocks
$164.81 - total to date

And, of course, a few photos:

patterned fabric - pre-cut

patterned fabric - cut & purchased 

considering this fabric for the entire back of the quilt

patterned fabric - washed, dried, trimmed, and ironed

cut pieces for one patterned fabric's 15 pinwheel blocks

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