12 November 2012

Training Update

Thoughts on Training:

I'm happy to report that I had FIVE friends join me for pieces of my first 20-mile run! Andrew joined me for my first lap around Lake Baldwin, and Oscar ran two quick laps with me - that put me at the 8-mile mark. At this point I drove home to grab Miss Heidi. Then we met up with Kat and did 4 miles around Baldwin Park; this brought me up to 12 miles - 8 to go! I ran out to the lake, then met up with Jenny for the last 5. Another huge thanks to my friends. You made those 20 miles a piece of cake.

Somehow 20 miles was easier than last weekend's 18. Not sure why: I got about the same amount of sleep, fueled up about the same, hydrated about the same. *shrug

I am getting pretty excited about my first full marathon. A fellow by the name of Bart Yasso is the keynote speaker at the Expo's Pre-Race Dinner. Mr. Yasso is a huge name in the running world, apparently. I'm surprised I'd not come by his name until I was reading through the marathon's website to get prepped for the race. Anyway, I'm not going to the dinner, but he'll be at the Expo the day before the race to sign copies of his book. I bought one today and aim to read it between now and the race (sorry, Cloud Atlas: bit of a time crunch on this one). He was practically begged to write a book containing his crazy running stories and experiences. I mean, this guy has done marathons on every continent. That's impressive, and I want to know more.

Aside from buying a book about running I also started a new list (I do love lists). This list is all about stuff I need to do in order to fully prepare myself for this marathon. It's not a complete list, and maybe never will be, but I'll probably blog it after the race as a guide to others interested in running a marathon.

Yesterday officially kicked off my tapering for the race. Yesterday I walked around like an old gorilla because the backs of my knees were killing me (due to my going out in 4-inch heels, not all the running - I know, I'm an idiot). I walked for a while with Heidi, and that made a big difference. Today I was all back to normal. No aches or pains. I am telling you, Hammer's Endurolytes are flat out amazing. Back to the tapering stuff! I'll do some cross-training and a couple light runs through the week, a 10-miler on Saturday (easy peasy compared to that 20-miler), and then it's race weekend! Yay!

17 NOV - 10 miles
24 NOV - rest for day before my first full marathon!

Bad news bears... The Color Run 5K has been rescheduled to the WDW Marathon Weekend, so I'm not longer planning to participate. I'm all Mickey that weekend. Sorry color. I still love you.

Below you can see a list of previous training updates, upcoming races, and three of my Pinterest boards that you might enjoy.

Happy running!

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