02 November 2012

Training Update

Thoughts on Training:

Last week I posted a blog about my training up to that first 15-miler, 2 weekends ago. Click here to view the post.

Last weekend's run wasn't what I'd had planned, but it wasn't bad either. I was supposed to increase my long run mileage from 15 to 18, but with ramping up for several weekends in a row I decided that it'd be okay if I only did 15.

It was a great run company-wise! For the first 5 miles I had 3 friends from work join me, and for the 2nd 5 miles I had a book club friend join me. Trouble is, my pace dropped from ~10:00 minutes/mile to ~8:00 minutes/mile between the two 5 mile sets. I was struggling to keep pace on that 2nd 5 mile set, and decided that I ought to stop at 10 miles rather than risk injuring myself - my knees were already whining and moaning. So, the distance wasn't what I'd planned/needed (though certainly better than nothing at all), but the unexpected speed was a nice change of pace (heh, see what I did there?).

Tomorrow I have another long run slated. I am so blessed to have friends who would spend a portion of their Saturday morning running with me! I already have at least one friend to run with me for 7/8 of the half hour chunks! Their companionship on these runs really makes a huge difference! The time passes more quickly and it's so much more fun!

Since it's November I guess it's okay to start counting down to the Space Coast Marathon! It's less than a month away now! 23 days to go!

3 NOV - 18 miles
10 NOV - 22 miles
17 NOV - 15 miles
24 NOV - day before my first full marathon!

I've deviated from my original plan for mileage, so I'm kind of winging it at this point. If you're a veteran marathoner and have a suggestion to the above mileage plan, please do let me know! I'd love to hear your feedback!

Below you can see what races I have lined up. Clearly I've switched from sprint triathlon mode to long-distance running mode. I've also provided three of my Pinterest boards that you might enjoy.

Happy running!

Upcoming Races:
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ambennett86 said...

i got some great advice from some friends (wj and c) on facebook. here's the scoop:

structure of comment:
which weekend - date - varied plan mileage (recommended mileage from wj and c) - - new planned mileage

this weekend - 3 NOV - 18 miles (wj 15-17; c 18-22) - - sticking with 18 this weekend (i don't think i can pull out 20 quite yet)

2 weeks out - 10 NOV - 22 miles (wj ;13? c 15) - - going with 20 this weekend (i'm really afraid of not doing at least 20 at some point in the training, and my highest mileage right now is only 15, so i'd like to get 20 in this weekend)

weekend before - 17 NOV - 15 miles (wj 10; c 0) - - sounds like i ned to back off this weekend so i'll do just 10

weekend of race - 24 NOV - day before my first full marathon!

general advice:

better to be undertrained than overtrained
have fresh legs for race day
start tapering 2-3 weeks before a marathon
have fun!