07 May 2012

TSRS 7/7: ZKS Winter Park 10K


Several Saturday's ago was the seventh and final race of the Track Shack's Running Series: the Zimmerman Kiser Sutcliffe Winter Park 10K in Winter Park, Florida!

Here is a snap shot of my race results:

Nike+ offers some neat stuff for runs. Here is a map of the route (with start, finish and mile markers):

 Here are some details of the run (the blue lines represent my pace throughout the race; I'm not sure how the Instant Pace works since my pace was actually 8'42"/mile):

Here is a graphic of my average pace throughout the race:

And here are my mile splits (blegh, Mile 4 was rough, apparently):

It wasn't my best 10K. In fact, the start of the race was one of the worst I've had: (1) late start because the lines for the port-o-potties were insane; since it was chip timed and a 6-mile race I decided to wait in line, (2) because of my late start I had to pass hordes of walkers and slower-paced runners, (3) I didn't get too much sleep the night before, and (4) I didn't eat a proper pre-race breakfast. Despite all of that, I was only 1'38" off of my best 10K time (52'13"), and it was still a heap of fun! Plus, my friends, Felix & Jordan, ran the race with me! It was a lot of fun having them along to catch up with after the race. They did really well!

So, a recap of the series, play-by-play: after the first race I was sitting fairly well in 7th place in the series for my age group (Women 19-24) because I came in 7th place in the race. After the second race, I was sitting pretty in 4th place in the series because I took 3rd place in the race. After the third race, I was still sitting in 4th place, and I was okay with that. I injured my back and had to sit out of the fourth race; this dropped me down to 6th place. After the fifth race, I bumped up to 5th place in the series, and after the sixth race, I was back in 4th place. Finally, after the seventh race, I landed in 5th place in the series for my age group. My goal was to finish in the top 10, so I'm quite happy with my results!

And that wraps it up for my first running series! I can hardly wait to register for the 2012-2013 series come July-ish! Thanks for all of your support and for tuning in to see how it went!

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