02 May 2012

Beachmania Half Marathon

This post is for an outdated event, but I wanted to get it on my blog. Back on Sunday, 4 March 2012 I ran my 4th half marathon: the Charlie Alewine Beachmania Half Marathon along Huntington Beach in California.

My training paid off as I dropped my time to run 13.1 miles from 2:10'22" to 1:56'56" (14' improvement). 

The event was SUPER low-key; only some 30 participants. Charlie keeps things intimate. There were no mile markers, no fancy start or finish lines, no chips - just a good, ole, plain race. It was an out-n-back along Huntington Beach. It was a great race!

It was an especially fun event because I got to do the race with my mom! = )

jumping after the race

with Charlie Alewine at the refreshment station after the race

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Anonymous said...

So, where's the pic with your Mom?