10 November 2011

Thankful, Days 9 and 10

Day 9

I pulled my back not last night but the night before last. I did something such that when it happened I couldn't fully stand up for about a minute. Scared me. It's also put a hold on my running, and I'm having to sit out the 10K race this Sunday, which I'm quite bummed about. I also had to skip out on a swing dance lesson last night. I'm hoping my back will permit me to take at least minimal part in the swing dance this Saturday, but we'll see. Anyway, I'm thankful that my roommate happened to have a heating pad that I could borrow. Thanks, Melyssa!!! That thing has helped SO much!

Day 10

Today I am thankful for advanced absence time at work. Without much trouble at all I'm able to go to the doctor this morning to have my back checked out, and then return to work afterwards.


AllenMelyssa said...

Aww I just saw this! :) You're quite welcome hun!!! Just get to feeling better so you can run in those races and kick some BOOTY! ;)

ambennett86 said...

thanks, melyssa! i'm itching to lace up and hit the pavement. it's been TOO long! i'm gonna try to start running tomorrow.