25 November 2011

Thankful, Days 22-25

Day 22 - Today I'm thankful for my Christmas budget. I've been saving towards it since February and it's been a delight not having to fret about having to forgo gifts I'd like to give. Tonight I knocked out a good chunk of my Christmas shopping. Most of what remains now are gifts I'll be making by hand. Must get on that soon!

Day 23 - I'm thankful for the up-coming long holiday weekend and the light day at work!

Day 24 - Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful to have family, though distant, nearby such that I can join them in a family-style dinner. I'm also thankful to have had my college buddy, Josh, join us for dinner (he won the ping-pong tournament!). And, finally, I'm thankful for my girl, Heidi - she turned TWO today! Happy birthday, Heidi-Hoo!

Lori's Thanksgiving Dinner Party

My Great Aunt Joan & I

Josh & I

Heidi looking very excited about her birthday bone (she was yawning, haha)

Heidi posing very nicely with her birthday bone

Day 25 - Heidi didn't let me sleep in today, but I took the day off from work and used it to put away the fall decor and bring out the Christmas decor! I'm thankful for the holiday season and all the fun decorations!

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