26 November 2011

December Running Challenge

I've challenged myself to run every day of December 2011. Hello, guilt-free consumption of holiday goodies!

I've decided that if I succeed in running every day in December I will treat myself to a visit to the spa.

The idea to do this spurred from my back injury earlier this month (November 2011). I need to get back into shape and I want to sculpt my core. Note that I'm NOT going for this:

But rather something sculpted but not heavily defined, like this:

To help me stay on track and set up for success I'm going to come up with a daily motivator, be it an inspirational phrase on a stickie note posted on my bathroom mirror or a reminder of what I want to indulge in at holiday parties or a reminder of how I want to look and feel come New Year's Eve.

If you want to do this challenge with me, please let me know! I'd love to cheer you on!

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