12 July 2011

Indy 500 Mini 2012

Yep, I'm on a big racing kick. It's my little trick to staying motivated and healthy.

I have a free one-way flight with AirTran (since I've poured money for 8+ flights into their pockets in the last 12 months or something), so I'm flying home next May to run the Indianapolis 500 Mini Marathon 2012 with my Momma (and maybe my Dad, too)!

The Indy Mini is a SUPER fun race. It's 42,000 people all trotting along for a couple hours, raising funds for good causes, cheering each other when the going gets rough, and listening to music - the ENTIRE 13.1 miles! It's a blast. Plus we get to camp out before/after the race with the Anderson Road Runners Club - I just love them all! = )

It just so happens that the Indy 500 Mini 2009 was my first half marathon race ever. My best half time is 2:10'2" (from the Indianapolis Half Marathon 2009), and I'm gonna train hard to get under 2 hours. Actually, I'd be happy with 2:04 because that would mean I'd finally have a faster time than my own mother. Hehe! (She's an animal, I tell ya. I created a monster with this running business.)

So anyway, here's another race and a trip home to sweet Indiana to visit with my dear family. I can hardly wait!

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ambennett86 said...

with a trip to San Diego in March 2012 and a cruise in May 2012, the Indy Mini had to take the back-burner. maybe 2013... = (