06 July 2011

95 Miles in 6 Weeks

I'm challenging myself to run 95 miles in 6 weeks. I'm using a training plan from The Complete Book of Running for Women which is based upon the bronze 5K, bronze Half Marathon and bronze Full Marathon  training plans. Everything is lined up time-wise for the Walt Disney World Marathon on Sunday, 8 January 2012 that I'm doing with my Mom!

Wish me luck and cheer for me on Facebook when you see that I'm on a run!

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ambennett86 said...

ugh... missing a long weekend run sets you back. with 8 days left i'm sitting at 25 miles behind my target for today. way off on ths goal. deleted the goal and created a new one. this time i'm going to blog about my progress each week and work hard to make up lost miles.