26 November 2010

It's Officially Christmas Season!

It's Black Friday, and that means that Christmas Season is officially here! I have Ella Fitzgerald Holiday playing on my Pandora radio, and I just brought all the Christmas decorations in from my storage closet.

So, today is dedicated to getting my apartment all dec'd out for the holidays. I'm also going to work on my 2010 Christmas Letter and maybe wander out into the shopping madness for some Christmas cards. I'm also going to work on some blogs that I've been meaning to put together. Lots of photo work to be done, too. Lastly, I plan to end my evening with a cup of marshmallows with hot chocolate, a slice of pumpkin cake, and watching The Blindside and/or reading on my book.

Happy Black Friday!

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ambennett86 said...

Here's what all I got done on Black Friday:

Brought in all Christmas decorations from my storage closet
Cleaned out and re-organized my storage closet
Swapped out my regular doormat for my Christmas one
Hung my Purdue Happy Holidays wreath
Decided where to place my Christmas tree this year
Put up my Christmas tree
Placed my Christmas tree skirt
Set up my Nutcracker
Set up my snowman cookie jar
Put Christmas decoration storage boxes back in my storage closet
Decorated Christmas tree with non-breakable ornaments and tree topper
Watched The Blindside
Talked with Mom on the phone
Unloaded the dishwasher
Loaded the dishwasher
Folded laundry
Set up my Nativity Scene
Set up my Flurryville kitten figurine