06 November 2010

Eric, Ken & Heidi

This week I had company in town. My friend, Eric, from Purdue, and his friend, Ken, from Hong Kong came to town to see the Discovery launch. Unfortunately it was scrubbed from Monday, 1 November to Wednesday, 3 November to Thursday, 4 November to Friday, 5 November to Monday, 8 November to Tuesday, 30 November. They stayed with me until today as they had to continue their trips; Eric to Knoxville and Ken back to Hong Kong. I am so bummed that they didn't get to see the launch, but am thankful for the time we got to spend together. Here is a photo of us at Amigo's Original Tex-Mex:

When we got home after dinner this is what we found:

This week was a little hectic as I hadn't planned on hosting company for a full week, so poor Heidi didn't get to properly vent her energy at the dog park or on runs with me... I'm going to try to get a new container for my paper shredder since the shredder part itself is fine. Doesn't she look proud of her work? Tsk, tsk. She sure has been destructive this month. It's almost as if since she hit the age of 11 months she felt the need to make up for lost time and make lots of messes (she only ruined a few minor things when she was 2- to 10-months-old...). What am I gonna do with her?! = )

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