27 September 2010

Please Help Keep Fleet People's Dog Park!

I've just learned that the City of Winter Park wants to do away with one of the nation's BEST dog parks, Fleet People's Dog Park. I know Heidi LOVES this dog park, especially with the lake and all the space to run around. Please support the effort of keeping the dog park by completing the survey, linked below. Thank you so much for you help!


In order to present relevant data to the City of Winter Park and to let them know that the Fleet Peeples Park is important to the residents of Winter Park and also to the residents of the neighboring cities and towns, please fill out this brief survey below.

The results will be viewed by concerned civic groups and will be presented to the Parks Board Commissioners of the City of Winter Park.

Please copy and paste the link to this survey into an email and PLEASE send it to anyone you know who comes to the park. Our success will be measured in numbers, so please ask as many people as you know to fill out this survey.


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