30 September 2010

October Challenge

This October, from the first through the thirty-first, I will run once a day.

Why? Because I've been slacking. Part of it's my fault, part of it is life. One of my 2010 New Year's Resolutions was to work up to and run a full marathon. When I got Heidi that plan went out the window. Typically in a year I run 365+ miles; at least a mile/day. Right now I'm not even close to that personal standard. So, I'm doing the opposite of going cold-turkey: I'm going hot chicken. I'm going to lace up and get out there and run once a day. It can be a quick 2-miler, or it can be 2 laps around Waterford Lakes Town Center, whatever. Bottom line is that I am happier all around when running is a part of my routine.

A great bit of motivation is Heidi. She loves to run with me and running is great for her. It's time I can spend getting healthy and with my baby; a win-win for everyone!

So. I'm posting this so you can get involved. No, I'm not asking you to run, silly. I'm asking you to hold me accountable. Drop in on me during October and ask if I've ran that day. If I don't run one day, I will pay $3 to the first person who finds out I didn't run that day. Now we're both interested. See how that works?

Here's my plan for the next few days:

Tomorrow is the first of October. I have work and then an eye dilation appointment at 4:45 PM. After that I'll head home, gear up, grab Heidi and run around Waterford Lakes Town Center which is a perfect 5K.

Friday night I might be out late, so I'll plan to run Saturday after my group meeting for my master's; so, around 5 or 6.

Sunday I'll be busy packing for my trip to Maryland, but a run will be a nice stress reliever. I'll aim to run in the morning before church.

I'll post my plan for the fourth through the tenth after I find out what my schedule looks like while I'm in Maryland.




Rilt said...

haha your nike mini is sitting down playing video games

ambennett86 said...

see what i mean? i gotta fix this, stat!

ambennett86 said...

now look at my nike+ mini! running like a champ!