24 September 2010

amara | 86 HBC Mission Statement

Okay. This is my last task for Etsy's Holiday Boot Camp (HBC) Week 1: write a mission statement.

Thoughts: I love to be make crafts. As in sewing projects, I enjoy the process of seeing the many pieces come together. I want to share my passion with people, and don't mind making a few bucks while I'm at it! Last year I got the hang of things but my Etsy shop, amara | 86, fell to the wayside when I got Heidi. Now that she's a bit older, I can start investing time into my shop. I have a few new ideas for projects up my sleeve, too! So here's my mission statement:

Through my passion of creating hand-made goods, specifically with yarn, thread, and fabric, I will fill my Etsy shop, amara | 86, with new items for others around the world to enjoy. I will map out my days between now and 31 December 2010 to set aside time to work on my creations. I will be inventive and run with fresh ideas. I will stick to Danielle's HBC weekly check lists. I will be an Etsy Success!

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