13 July 2009

Southern Foods Champs!

For the last couple months I had the pleasure of playing catcher on the Lockheed Martin Southern Foods softball team. It was a fantastic season! It took some time to get my swing back, literally, but I hit a beautiful line-drive in the last inning of the championship game. Not only that, but I caught 3 foul balls and had the winning play!

The team had the best season record, only having lost one game (and that was before I joined the team, so what does that tell ya? = P Hehe!). The semi-finals game was exciting, and we sort of slaughtered the other team in the championship game. Needless to say, I landed myself on a pretty darn good team! Doug is a great coach, and I have grown fond of my teammates (who now refer to me as Wendy, haha).

A victory drink was in order after taking the championship of a great season, so some of us met up at the Ale House. I am proud to say that it was during this evening that I finished my first beer. Completely and on my own entirely (not sure how this didn't occur many moons ago, back in my Purdue days... oh, well). The beer was a Corona with lime, and, while I couldn't do the "plug the neck and tip it upside down to get the lime flavor fused in well" trick, it honestly wasn't too bad! At some points I enjoyed the taste of the beer, actually. Towards the end of the drink it was a little rough... it got into the sock-taste phase with warming up and losing the carbonation, haha. Anyway, here's some photographic proof for you suckers who don't believe me:

drinking my first beer

myself, Ryan B., Tim

Ryan J., Mike, Amanda

[most of] the softball champions

I'm quite excited for next season! Who knew I'd find a renewed passion for softball (and baseball)?!


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schmingle said...

That's awesome! Congratulations, you rock! And I'm sure the loss the team experienced before definitely had something to do with you not being on the team ;) Simple logic ;)