13 July 2009

My First Quilt

I am very proud of myself. I made my first quilt, and I am very pleased with the end product. It isn't a typical quilt with tiny triangles pieced together to make stars or squares. Rather, it's an eclectic mix of hand-cut squares of all sorts of different patterned fabrics. Here is a photo of the finished quilt, and a close-up so you can see the stitching.

my first quilt

my first quilt, a close-up to better see the stitching

I snapped photos of the quilt from its beginning to its end. If you're wondering how a quilt like this comes to be, scroll through these photos:

the fabric I chose


close up, again

washed and dried


cut squares and ironed edges

square placement

squares safety pinned

zig-zag stitched

zig-zag stitched close-up

blanket layers

right side out

my first quilt

my first quilt, a close-up to better see the stitching

And that, my friend, is how my quilt was created. It took me about 3 months to make (I procrastinated a little bit in the first 2 months, but kicked it in gear in the last few weeks). If you want details so you can make your own, just let me know; I'd be happy to send you the specifics of the quilt pattern.

What I can't wait to use this quilt for: as a blanket to take downtown to Lake Eola to lay on during a lovely Sunday afternoon so I can listen to the birds chirp, watch the clouds through the trees, drink Arizona tea, have a yummy snack and read a good book. It's perfect for a picnic, party of one. = ) Well, one for now...


PS - I followed instructions for a quilt pattern entitled "Flicka" from a book I came across at the library. I don't recall the name of the specific book I got the pattern from, but I wanted to give credit to the originator of this quilt: Hillary Lang.

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