13 July 2009

Chess Buddy

For a few weeks now I've been meeting a new friend, Dante, at The Drunken Monkey to play Chess. We met one Friday night, Board Game Night, as I was just finishing pinning my quilt and was considering leaving - when he asked if my board was for Chess or Checkers. I answered that it was a Chess board, and we decided to play a game.

I warned him that he ought to go easy on me since the only person I've ever managed to win against was my younger brother, not to mention the fact that I had only just taught him how the game was played. Anyway, playing with Dante has been wonderful. In the beginning he was helpful and gave pointers. He taught me about En Passant and that it is not a myth at all for a pawn to be replaced by another piece of choice if that pawn reaches the opposite end of the board unscathed, haha. But much of his going easy on me ended last week when I miraculously took his Queen and eventually conquered his King! He was a great sport, and agreed to take a photo with me and our Chess board battlefield to mark my first great battle won.

Dante and I after my first victory in Chess


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