20 March 2015

2014 Nike+ Summary

Here's a quick summary of my Nike+ activity for the year of 2014.

Who else can say they did a run in Alaska! The 3 in California were for Ragnar SoCal! 96 in Texas, mostly with Social Runners! And 1 in Florida while I was traveling there for work.

where I ran in 2014

This graph shows how many miles I ran per month, along with some handy statistics. In total I put in just shy of 500 miles in just shy of 90 hours.

miles ran per month in 2014

Clearly, I run most often on Wednesday. It is a run day, after all.

breakdown of what days I ran in 2014

And, lastly, I ran mostly in the evenings in 2014 - largely due to the weekly Wednesday runs with Social Running, I'm sure. Interesting that I have a nearly even percentage for morning and afternoon.

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