03 August 2010

I Hope I Survive August

I hope I survive August. Many of you who know me know that I keep busy, but that is normal for this girl. No big deal. To give you a feel of how busy August will be: August is so busy it seems overwhelming even to me!

As of today, here is what I have going on this month:
  • Reading:
    • Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (11 August 2010)
    • The Hunger Games (July 2010)
    • Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone (dropped)
  • Knitting Night with girl-friends (tonight!)
  • Turkish Dinner at Bosphorus Lounge with book club friends (this Friday!) (moved to September)
  • Sand Volleyball and Cookout at Matt's (this Saturday!)
  • 5th Annual Moss Park 5K (this Saturday, but I'm thinking of skipping this since I've not been training... kind of forgot about this race...) (skipped)
  • Eat Pray Love movie night with girl-friends (13 August 2010)
  • Heather's Birthday Party (21 August 2010)
  • Homeless Children's Birthday Party with Jessica and her volunteer group (have to work instead)
  • Lockheed Martin ISLDP Leadership Development Conference I (I will be in Lansdowne, VA from 16-20 August)
  • The August Book Club (for The Hunger Games)
  • Kristin visits for a long weekend! (we're super excited to experience The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, a girls' night in and a night downtown!)
  • Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring movie night (10 August 2010)
  • My class(es) for Penn State begin (23 August 2010)
  • Church with Kayelee & Chelsea on Sundays (22 August 2010)
  • Brunch with Kayelee & Chelsea to discuss our upcoming Bible study group! (22 August 2010)
Shew! It was tiring just blogging all of that!

Can you believe that in addition to all of that I am working on putting together a karaoke night with the book club and also a Euchre/Spaghetti Pitch-in night! Those things may have to wait until September rolls around. Oh! And I want to get over to Melbourne. I am itching to visit friends, Aunt Joan and the beach!

Anyway, I hope your August is off to a great start!

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