01 August 2010

August Stuff

Oh, my goodness! August is here! Here are a few special days in August that may be of interest to you:

4 August - Mustard Day
16 August - Tell a Joke Day
18 August - Bad Poetry Day
21 August - International Homeless Animal's Day
26 August - National Dog Day
30 August - Toasted Marshmallow Day

I intend to celebrate Mustard Day by making homemade mustard potato salad, and for Toasted Marshmallow Day I'm going to see if someone with a fire pit wants to have me over for s'mores! As for National Dog Day, you know I'll be doing something fun with Heidi that day!

August is also the host of the following:

Family Fun Month
Admit You're Happy Month
Inventor's Month

My family is far, far away, and beginning to be spread out, so if you're near your family, please do spend some time with them!

Happy August!

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