20 July 2010

WL Evening

I took Heidi to the Waterford Lakes Dog Park, again, tonight. Another lovely evening and friendly dogs and owners. Heidi really likes this dog park. Tonight she even hopped in the little pool!

After the dog park we went over to the WL Town Center. I had a coupon for a small sub, chips and a drink at Quizno's - all for $3.19! We stopped by PetSmart. She lost a pound since last time I weighed her. The vet assistant said it's nothing to worry about just as humans fluctuate in weight a little bit. I gave her some treats while we were there. I decided to "treat" myself to something Sweet! Sweet is a little cupcake and frozen yogurt shop I've been aiming to check out for about three years. Finally did, and for $6 I received 4 mini cupcakes: Red Velvet, Toasted Marshmallow, Heath and Carrot Cake. I had the Heath one tonight and I am greatly impressed! The icing was just like a Heath bar! And there was toffee stuff on the bottom! Mmm!

On the way there a little boy asked to pet Heidi. I still had some treats from PetSmart, so I helped him give Heidi commands so he could reward her with the treats. Also, some nice young girls offered to hold Heidi while I popped into Sweet to make my purchase. It's nice to know there are kind folks out there.

Heidi & Eva playing

Taking a breather and looking pretty against the green grass

Pool time!


dmoney said...

They just showcased Sweet! on the local news. Apparently, the owner just won one of the cupcake wars competitions on the food network.

ambennett86 said...

and well deserved!