12 May 2010

The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones was my first Alice Sebold novel.

I had seen the book on the popular fiction tables when you first walk into the book store but I hadn't really paid it attention. When I saw the trailer for the movie version, I knew I'd be reading the book soon. Talk about a line-up: Wahlberg, Saranden, Weisz! Some of my favorites!

But back to the book...

I liked Alice's depiction of Heaven. The story to me was about letting go of life once we pass away and into our Heaven. Everyone's Heaven is unique to themselves, but they can overlap. That concept was entirely fresh to me and fascinating. So this is what happens after we die, according to the book. What would my Heaven be like? With whom would my Heaven overlap?

The book had a magical feel to it. Though there wasn't much supernatural about it. Sometimes Susie would "appear" to her loved ones, namely her younger brother, Buckley, but I found myself almost constantly willing Susie to change the course of an event happening to her family down on Earth. She wanted to, too, but her lesson was that the dead cannot change things for the living. Through memories the dead live on in the minds of the living.

Another neat aspect of the book as the way Alice applied the Butterfly Effect. The small-town death of a young girl changed the lives of so many. Especially Ruth; she was one of my favorite characters who really developed through the novel. I also enjoyed seeing Lindsey change. The grandmother had a lot of spunk; she was always fun and had a quirky way with her wisdom.

***Spoiler alert!!!***

The only thing I didn't fully get was the title. At first I thought it was the bones Mr. Harvey collected from the animals, which led me to believe that eventually Susie's bones would be found. Then the title "The Lovely Bones" would make sense in a literal sense. But in the very end Alice mentions the bones of a body recovering. Meh. It didn't tie together as seamlessly as I had expected/wanted. Or maybe I just missed something.

I liked that justice was served to Mr. Harvey, even if Susie's family never learned of it happening.

***End of spoiler.***

IMDB Article: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0380510/
Apple Trailer: http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/paramount/thelovelybones/

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