10 May 2010

10 Ways to Live Longer

10 Ways to Live Longer

1. Look for the laugh - people with a good sense of humor increased their survival odds by 31%.
2. Pop five pills - vitamins are good for you.
3. Don't gum up the works - gingivitis is bad.
4. Talk and walk - 30 minutes of walking per day is a step in the right direction.
5. Taste the rainbow - eat a variety of colorful veggies (bell peppers are great).
6. Am for your optimal weight - stick close to your teenage weight.
7. Do some good - volunteers live longer and have fewer health problems.
8. De-stress with intimacy - need I say more?
9. Finish those annoying tasks - mounting to do lists can have health impacts similar to that of divorces or deaths of loved ones.
10. Hit the sack - seven to eight hours of shut-eye allows the body to rest and fully recover.

I am happy to report that I am doing pretty darned well in 9 of the 10 areas, as embarrassing as it may be to admit. Here's my run-down:

1. I laugh at Heidi all the time. I think she laughs with me sometimes.
2. I take all sorts of vitamins: E, C, calcium, fish oil, multi and zinc/magnesium/something else.
3. I brush my teeth three times a day. I could improve the flossing frequency, but I do use a tongue scraper whenever I brush.
4. Now that I have Heidi I am outside a lot. I take her on several walks every day. As for the talking part, mostly I talk to other dog-owners, neighbors and the kids, but sometimes I just talk to Heidi.
5. I suppose I could work on this a bit, but I do focus on a veggie and a fruit each week. The vitamins help here.
6. I am the same as I was in high school. I'm on the cusp of dipping below that benchmark. On top of that, I'm in better shape.
7. I have been volunteering one to two times a month lately.
8. This one is a flat line for me. Meh.
9. I am an organization and prioritzation freak. I keep those grimy tasks from taking over my mood. Well, 95% of the time I'm in control, anyway. Everyone slips.
10. Since college I've learned how well my body responds to proper amounts of sleep. I always get at least 7 hours, 8 typically.

How are you doing against this list?


(List credit goes to Style Magazine's Beauty section.)


Sarah N Fisk said...

I'm not doing too bad either!

And by the way, I'm drinking freshly-squeezed lemonade right now... thought it was appropriate.

ambennett86 said...

hey, sarah! good for us! = ) mmm! fresh lemonade! doesn't get much better than that! cheers!