06 September 2009

A Little Princess

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I'll never forget that I am my daddy's little princess. Vividly I remember him tucking me in at night, leaning down for the good-night kiss and whispering that I'm his little princess. Those encounters have been long gone save in my memory, but he still declares my royalty in emails and voicemails now that I'm far from home. In this respect I was very much like Sara Crewe; she grew up being totally aware that all girls are princesses.

When I was a young girl I would watch A Little Princess all the time. It was one of my favorite movies, and the only one I can recall that made tears well up in my eyes as a child.

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It wasn't for many years that I learned the movie was based on Frances Hodgson Burnettt's book, A Little Princess. It was a treat to read the story and turn the pages of a story I already knew and loved.

The story is simply magical. It's enchanting. It's strong, kind and, reading the story as an adult, I see how powerful a story it really is. Burnett weaves together a lovely tale about how being the bigger, better person is always the way to be; it's how a princess would behave. Giving to those in need, standing up for those who cannot defend themselves, sharing, being honest, doing what's right - these are all descriptions of what made Sara herself.

But Sara demonstrates that not only behaving in actions and words is important but also to pause and think! That is the major point I only just picked up about what Burnett was saying. Many times in the book Burnett describes Sara's patience with her own words, holding her tongue, fighting the urge to flash back at someone who'd treated her wrongly. She paused and thought out her words before she spoke them, and what a difference it can make!

Another aspect I loved about the story was that of India! Ever since seeing the movie I've had a fascination with India. I bet it had something to do with my love of the story Siddhartha, The Kite Runner and my yearning to one day visit India.

Yet another aspect that I loved about the story was the pretending and story-telling! Sara had such a wild and amazing sense of imagination! And her stories were so intense! When I was a child I could hold a candle to Sara's imagination, but to her story-telling, haha, that I wouldn't stand a chance against, but if you know me, that fact is obvious. Anyway, Sara young mind was very grand, and everyone adored her for it being that way.

By the way, most of you know I hardly ever and very rarely cry during movies. Well, I sobbed a good three separate times as I re-watched this movie. I remember being pretty shook up - maybe crying - even when I was young when I watched it! It's just so moving and emotionally powerful! It's a story I cherish very much so.

I've just realized that Princess Sara Crewe is my favorite princess, and that I want to always be just like her. Funny how an imaginary character can be an excellent role model - and one who's much younger than I am presently, and so forth, given that I will always age and she will never. She truly is a little princess.

Here's to all the little princesses,


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