06 September 2009

The Positive Campaign


Just came across this: The Compliment Guys in The American Profile

Keepin' it positive,


ORIGINAL POST (30 August 2009):

One day last fall I was on the phone with Sallie Mae, discussing important loan details, when all of a sudden I was bombarded with a compliment. Confounded, I looked towards the voice to see a complete stranger with a sign that read "free compliments." I managed to spit out a thank you, because I was running late for my next lecture and wanted to wrap up the phone call, and was on my way. Later that day I got to thinking about what had happened, and what a wonderful stand the two Compliment Guys were taking on being positive in this day and age.

Since then these two Purdue guys, now known world-wide as The Compliment Guys, have made leaps and bounds for what I've began calling The Positive Campaign. Here they are with their trusty sign:

Purdue's The Compliment Guys

Here are a few links to articles featuring the Delighted Duo:

Chicago Tribune Article

Lafayette Online Article

And here's the link to their website: Brightside Tour

Also making waves in the Positive Campaign is Caitlin. She's the one behind Operation Beautiful, an anonymous Post-It war being waged against women who berate themselves with fat talk.

Operation Beautiful

I just wanted to post a bit about some really great people who are making a difference for the better.

Here's to the good in the world,


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