21 June 2009

Random Stuff as of Late

I'm almost done with my first quilt. I have yet to baste the fabric, sew the perimeter, and actually quilt the blanket. I'm going to do a how-to blog on the project when I'm finished. I'm excited to take the blanket downtown to Lake Eola to use it for a nice, Sunday afternoon picnic. UPDATE: finished sewing around the perimeter. Time for the quilting!!!! Finishing this project tonight!

I've joined some book clubs. Penny, one of my bosses at work, invited me to join her book club's next meeting where we'll discuss The Beach House by Jane Green. I expect my copy of the book in the mail early next week. I also joined the Orlando Chick-Lit Book Club through MeetUp.com. On top of normal book club activities, the OCLBC also catches movies made from novels. I'm hoping to also read My Sister's Keeper within the next few weeks, too, so I can join the other members at the movie. I expect my copy of that book early next week, too. In the mean time between American Psycho and one of the books I've just ordered, I'm reading Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. It's only a couple hundred pages, and I've heard only good things about the story.

I'm out of contacts. The eye office where I usually buy my contacts is out of stock; has been all week. I've been wearing my glasses around the clock, and haven't ran all week because I don't want to run without contacts && with glasses. (The && is a little programming joke, hehe.)

Work is going along VERY well! In the last week I've become quite engaged with my sub-system on the program. It's been a little overwhelming, but I'm excited to take on additional responsibility. So, I'm happy to report that all is well in the job department. Also, my LM softball team is ranked number one! Next game will be the finals, I do believe. My LM sand volleyball team isn't doing so hot, but that's okay. I enjoy my teammates' company; they're good people.

With a group of fellow LM folks, last night I went out to a really great Spanish Tapas bar downtown called Ceviche. Delicious, fantastic atmosphere, friendly staff. I loved it. We were there for about 3 hours! There were bread slices and a really tasty "pesto" sauce with lots of cilantro for appetizers. I ordered a Poema white Spanish wine that had some citrus hints. Then I fell in love with the white Sangria! Oh, man, I was very impressed with the white Sangria! I ordered pan con tomate and ceviche de salmon. The pan con tomate was okay, but the salmon ceviche was delicious! Spicy, with a citrus/ginger kick. Mmm! Jeremy, Ryan, Eric, Kevin and I all had a very nice time. Eric had a great order of steak tapas and spicy, cheese potatoes, AND creme brulee! That will be my next order at Ceviche exactly! After dinner Josh and Jared visited from Melbourne. We were celebrating for Jared's 23rd birthday! We went to Wall Street and ended the night at The Lodge. After the bar scene Josh headed home, and Jared and I chilled to some RadioHead. It was a really fantastic evening.

Josh, myself & Jared at Wall Street

Today Jared and I slept in, picked up my car from downtown, had some tasty B-Dubs (nostalgia), then baked in the sun for a few hours at my pool. We both got some nice color this afternoon. We showered up, and caught a showing of Year One. We agreed that the flick was okay, some funny parts, but overall Jack Black and Michael Cera can be a little over the top. It was worth seeing once, I suppose. Not something I'll probably watch again, though. After the movie Jared and I went to Steak N Shake for some grub, then he headed home. It was nice to have him visit. = ) Hopefully I'll make it over to Melbourne in the next couple weekends. I miss Andy and Jo Ann and the beach.

My friend Kubacki just purchased a very nice motorcycle! Andy is building a house in Melbourne, and Jeremy & Eric are moving into Tortuga next month. I'm very happy for my friends. = )

Oh, I picked up some items at Bath & Body Works the other day. They had a Buy 3, Get 3 deal going on, and, as I was in need of new lotion and new perfume, I took advantage of the sale. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the B&BW here in Florida (at least at the malls I've been to down here so far) carry my favorite scent!!! Dancing Waters!!! It was a very happy moment. They say that scent is the strongest sense tied to memory, and, for me, this particular scent is associated with so many wonderful memories... I also bought another favorite scent: Sweet Pea. Mmm, they smell so nice!

Since the Indianapolis Mini 500 Half-Marathon I've not had any race to train for, so I've slacked off a bit, but I did recently stumble upon the following recap of my running in 2008. Nike+ is so cool.

If you don't "get" Twitter, but you at least appreciate geeky humor, you should like the following trending topic copy/paste of "robot pick-up lines." My favorite is #18.

1. zax0rz: is that a stick of RAM in your pocket or are you happy to see me? http://tcrn.ch/3EL #robotpickuplines less than 5 seconds ago from web
2. jakelleywrotty: Let me show you my hard drive #robotpickuplines less than 10 seconds ago from web
3. sliceouttaluck: #robotpickuplines Want to come up to my for some coffee? less than 20 seconds ago from web
4. fadilnet: A male robot must obey the orders given to it by a fembot except where such orders would conflict with the mombot. #robotpickuplines less than 20 seconds ago from web
5. ifilmtheclouds: Roses are #FF0000, violets are #0000FF, all my base are belong to you. -- Oldie, but goodie. #robotpickuplines less than 20 seconds ago from web
6. SteveGreenwald: #robotpickuplines Is that a deterministic finite automaton or are you just glad to see me? less than 20 seconds ago from web
7. Tukitavi: "You've got mail!" (? I dunno, I thought I'd try. ) #robotpickuplines less than 20 seconds ago from web
8. dinkydudette: RT @JazzyFee: #robotpickuplines "Do you have Intel inside? No? Would you like to?" (HA HA!!) less than 20 seconds ago from web
9. GematriaSL: I'm more than a simulation. #robotpickuplines less than 20 seconds ago from web
10. bogeydog: #robotpickuplines Wanna 3-way with a Roomba? half a minute ago from web
11. sandbar17: rt @stephaniehobson Is your processor over heated? Because you've been running in my mind all day. #robotpickuplines <--LOL! half a minute ago from web
12. Lizeelou2: Are you a socket cause I really need to charge my battery. #robotpickuplines half a minute ago from web
13. billtoth: nice boot sector, wanna fuck? #robotpickuplines half a minute ago from web
14. emilyooo: #robotpickuplines Part 2 M: Are you sure? Maybe I should sneak a peak at your access panel. half a minute ago from Tweetie
15. BrokenSword: RT @MickSturbs: #robotpickuplines 'I suppose Hex is out of the question?' OMG Groan!!!! half a minute ago from TweetDeck
16. trupoet: Nice Rackmount! #robotpickuplines half a minute ago from TweetDeck
17. salottimc: Make sure your ports are open. #robotpickuplines half a minute ago from web
18. DreamingFox: RT @BadAstronomer "Your lips say 0 but your eyes say 1." #robotpickuplines half a minute ago from TwitterFox
19. Thebigdoerehab: #robotpickuplines I'm a scorpio, I enjoy sailing, and I don't have any passwords but hope to one day. half a minute ago from web
20. spkr4thedead51: #robotpickuplines Hey, do you like to roleplay? I'll be a traveling salesman and I'll figure out the fastest way to get to your bed half a minute ago from TweetDeck

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