22 June 2009

Photos from Home

Happy Monday!

Today was a great start to the week. Hope your day was similar, if not, better.

Last night I slept really well, work flew by, tried a tasty California Pizza Kitchen flat bread for lunch (quite good for a nuke meal). After work I knocked out a couple things on my to do list, received My Sister's Keeper in the mail today (yay!), rented a couple movies from the apartment complex (The Corpse Bride because I needed to feed my hunger for some Tim Burton action as I was teased with some new information on the Alice movie coming out next spring, and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou because I like Murray and it looked like one of those really great quirky movies). Then I went to the gym for a couple hours, tried to order some photos at Walgreen's, but didn't feel like sifting through the 900 photos on my flash drive (will try again in the morning). And now I'm hope, putting up a quick blurb and having some dinner.

Mom sent some photos from over the weekend up in Indianer (thanks, Mom!!!):

Miss Lilly and Miss Haley with the newest addition to the Travis family: Ryder "Low Rider" Travis the Long-Haired Dachshund - he's so tiny and cute!

Abby, Haley, Lexi and - look how big she is! - Gracie with Darin


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